Street Art campaign reflecting on COVID19

Street Art campaign reflecting on COVID19

A local project in Hungary with the aim to attract people’s attention on the protection against the pandemic and social responsibility / solidarity. The organizing team of the Hungarian Live Street Art, Balogh Attila graffiti artist aka IDAR and Árvay Márton, the owner of AllCaps store & gallery initiated this action with the help of art for a common good cause, passing a message of social responsibility / solidarity.

In addition, it also intends to express honor and gratitude towards medical and social workers, who struggle for us and fight against the corona virus day by day.

Town of Érd is located in the neighborhood of the capital and takes in the genre of graffiti/street art, that’s why they knew their idea would be supported by the community.

As all around the world, streets are empty, people have locked them selves inside their homes, everything has got grey and empty since the virus. So they thought, it was time to bring colour/art back to people’s everyday life, and what else is more suitable for that, than street art, because the street is our gallery at the present.

”We had just announced the project, citizens of the town reacted immediately: some of them offered fences, others walls of their homes, throughout the town, 20 pieces of art can be seen (both on mobile OSB installations and on fix wall surfaces).”

Although the main character of all the pieces is the same fictional woman, each of them have been created unique in style, colours and tone by the artist Attila Balogh.

During the creation, some especially unique pieces were also born. The organizers together with the town’s mayor decided to offer one of them to a charity auction, and the donation would support the work of the local ambulance station with essential devices.

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Street Art campaign reflecting on COVID19